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Discover the Truth Behind EV Charging

State of EV Charger Reliability Annual Report

Why This Report Matters

The "ChargerHelp Annual Reliability Report" is essential as it tackles the reliability issues of the rapidly expanding U.S. EV charging infrastructure, now exceeding 175,000 ports.


Analyzing over 19 million data points, it identifies key challenges in EV charging and offers actionable strategies to enhance system reliability.


This report provides vital insights for improving user experience and facilitating the shift to electric vehicles, making it a crucial tool for industry stakeholders.

Inside Your Report

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Digital vs. Reality 
Explore the discrepancies between reported and actual charger uptime, and the impact on EV adoption.
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Data-Driven Insights
Harnessing data from ChargerHelp, AFDC, and EV Sessions, we dissect the performance of states vs. networks and L2 vs. DCFC ports.
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Charging Experiences Unpacked
From the moment you plug in, to the charging process, to the solutions when things go awry—get a comprehensive view.
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Solutions that Work
We don't just highlight problems. Our report offers actionable insights and fixes, backed by ChargerHelp's vast field experience.
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Download Your Report

Ready to dive deep into the state of EV charger reliability? Fill out the form below to download your copy of the "State of EV Charger Reliability Annual Report." 
Gain the insights needed to navigate the EV landscape, whether you're an industry stakeholder, policy maker, or an EV driver.

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