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With years of experience working in the oil industry,  Clyde took a leap to transition to clean tech. After completing the ChargerHelp! Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Technician training, his true passion was ignited to educate and train. Using his candid humor and transparency, he  challenges those he trains to think critically and confidently.

Clyde Ellis 


Marshawn Porter


Joining us from the cable industry, Marshawn acquired ChargerHelp!’s Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Technician certification. His strong problem solving and communication skills now contribute to our techs excellent customer service.  His knack for making complex concepts simple is invaluable.

Carlos Aranibar Project Coordinator

Carlos is an Electrician Apprentice who completed the ChargerHelp!  Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Technician training and is also a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) He brings his expertise to every project and has proved to be a multifaceted part of our team.