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EVs are the future of cars and trucks, but charging them has a bad image among American drivers due to down stations and charging anxiety. ChargerHelp offers Reliability as a Service (RaaS) for fast and reliable O&M services at consistent prices for your charging stations.

Inside Your Report

Take advantage of the insights and recommendations we all need to navigate the fast evolving EV landscape, whether you're an industry stakeholder, policy maker, or an EV driver.

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Improve EV driver confidence

Charging reputation affects EV purchase and experience. RaaS keeps charging stations online, reducing complaints and keeping drivers happy.

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Tackle the alphabet soup of NEVI, ZEV, CAFE, and Scope 3 targets

RaaS ensures charging infrastructure reliability for compliance with federal and state standards and corporate emissions-reduction targets.

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Easily scale EVSE O&M with the EV business

EV adoption and charging infrastructure face a chicken-vs-egg dilemma. RaaS helps scale EVSE O&M to match business growth.

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Protect your corporate reputation and bolster market share

Create a competitive edge with RaaS for worry-free EV charging and protect your corporate name.

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Read to Boost your True Uptime?

Our simple, easy, and all-inclusive EVSE O&M can make reliability your reality.

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