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Building a sustainable future, together.

We’re dedicated to using technology to break barriers and promote economic mobility. We believe in accessible, well-paying careers, recruiting talent from diverse backgrounds, and valuing authenticity at work.


Come work with us

Join our pioneering team dedicated to revolutionizing the EV industry. At ChargerHelp!, you’ll innovate at the cutting edge of technology, contribute to global sustainability, and grow with support from industry leaders. Embrace impactful work in an inclusive environment, and turn your passion into a career that drives the future of electric mobility.

Careers & ChargerHelp!
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Equity in, Equity out.

At ChargerHelp! we lead with our values.

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Visibility and Professional Development

Our SMART milestone goals are always visible to the entire company. We build professional development around where our company is going next to ensure career alignment.

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The ChargerHelp! Way

We have a standard process of doing meetings to ensure that everyone has a voice at the table.

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“Our Say” Program

We cultivate an environment of respect and inclusion through the “Our Say” program. This monthly exchange allows a rotation of non-management employees to express concerns and suggestions to our Founders.

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Shared Ownership

We champion equity by providing shares of ChargerHelp! to our vested members.

Step One

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Our Core Values

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Integrity is at the core of everything we do

Partnerships are built on trust and trust must be earned. Our track record demonstrates that we have earned the rust of clients, staff, and industry colleagues who rely on our principled and sincere approach to business. 


We prioritize quality and safety

Quality, safety, and providing good service are non-negotiables at CH! For any EVSE Technician to grow in experience and skillset and to perform at the highest level, it’s important that the work is reviewed, that training is ongoing, and that we cultivate an environment of improvement and betterment.


We value and invest in our people

We are obsessed with leveraging Technology to remove barriers and enable economic development within all communities. We believe a good business invests in people, provides ongoing training, removes barriers, cultivates an energetic and fun culture, and strives to better people's lives and our environment. 

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