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One platform, every
station, cross-cutting insights. That’s EMPWR.

Purpose-built O&M software for managing your charging infrastructure network.

Maximize Your EV Charging Uptime with EMPWR

​Our platform enables you to empower Your EV Operations with Advanced Diagnostics and Predictive Insights​. 

All RaaS customers automatically get EMPWR conveniently bundled with their EVSE O&M subscription.

Technology Solutions for EVSE Maintenance
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Boost your true uptime with EMPWR.

As the EV market rapidly expands, including diverse EVSE hardware, software, and networks, EMPWR helps you make sense of it all, ensuring seamless and reliable operations.

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Diagnose and fix problems faster and more efficiently

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Optimize repair service workflows

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Anticipate O&M needs and predict component failures before they occur

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Access accurate, ground truth data for true uptime insights

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Streamline reliability and uptime reporting


The power of EMPWR

EMPWR is purpose-built from the ground up to enable best-in-class EVSE operations and maintenance (O&M), deliver accurate insights into true uptime, and simplify uptime reporting.

Maximizing Technician Productivity

The EMPWR platform empowers technicians with a robust smartphone and tablet app, featuring a technician-first UI available on iOS (with Android coming soon). Key features include:

  • Detailed Service Information: Access comprehensive work orders, EVSE location maps, site access details, parts inventory, tools requirements, service history, PPE needs, and extensive problem/solution documentation.

  • Optimized Workflows: Utilize prebuilt, optimized service workflows for efficient diagnosis and issue resolution.

  • Offline Capability: Operate seamlessly in various real-world connectivity and working conditions with the app’s offline mode.


Effortless data management and insightful reporting

EMPWR’s intuitive web-based portal empowers your team to effortlessly manage and analyze EVSE O&M, uptime, and status data. With robust dashboards and streamlined reporting, you can:

  • Customizable Dashboards: Filter and inspect data by date range, mean time to repair (MTTR), customer, station, or issue type (e.g., cable failure, power electronics, comms).

  • Performance Monitoring: Identify and track key performance metrics such as common EVSE failures, stations with the longest or shortest MTTR, and the most costly issues.

  • Accurate Reporting: Generate precise uptime reports by various criteria (e.g., month, quarter, year) and monitor uptime in multiple ways (e.g., average uptime, % of stations with uptime >97%, real-time station status).

Harness the power of comprehensive analytics

EMPWR integrates multiple data sources to provide the industry’s most accurate assessment of your true uptime, enabling you to optimize your EVSE O&M:

  • Real-World Technician Insights: In-the-field observations offer ground truth data on the actual state of your EVSE infrastructure.

  • Network Data Integration: EMPWR analyzes data from charger networks, software, and apps to gauge the system’s status.

  • Direct Telemetry Data: Using OCPP, EMPWR monitors raw charging station telemetry (e.g., actual kW power draw vs. rated capacity) to detect anomalies early, preventing major issues.

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Boost your true uptime.

Learn more about RaaS and schedule an EMPWR Demo.

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