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ChargerHelp and the California Mobility Center Announce a Pioneering Partnership in Sacramento

Updated: June 25, 2023

Today, ChargerHelp and the California Mobility Center (CMC) have announced an innovative collaboration to establish ChargerHelp's training center in Sacramento, California's capital. This strategic partnership is one of many collaborations ChargerHelp is working on to support training preparation for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) Technician certification. It reflects a strong commitment to improving electric vehicle (EV) charging reliability and empowering the local community through skill development.

Kameale C. Terry, Co-founder and CEO of ChargerHelp, spoke about the partnership: "Establishing our training center at the California Mobility Center in Sacramento signifies a crucial milestone in our mission to foster sustainable transportation solutions. By creating a space where we can immerse ourselves in the local community, we will ensure that participants can not only excel in their skills to earn the Society of Automotive Engineers EVSE Technician Certification, which was recognized by the White House last year, but also play a role in testing new software and hardware integrations." 

“We are building the CMC to be a destination for leading California innovators in clean energy and zero-emission, and ChargerHelp joining on is validation of what we are working towards,” said Orville Thomas, CEO of the Mobility Center. “This partnership will provide our community with valuable skills and opportunities while ensuring EV chargers in our region are reliable and working when you need them.”

Starting in July, ChargerHelp’s expert team will conduct their accredited EV charger maintenance training programs at the CMC’s facility located in South Sacramento’s Depot Park. This training center will serve as a hub for ChargerHelp's Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives, providing hands-on training that enables participants to secure promising new career paths and support California's EV charging infrastructure.

Founded in Southern California, ChargerHelp is a pioneering company solely focused on electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) operations and maintenance. With a diverse client base that includes utilities, EV automakers, charger manufacturers, service operators, installers, and resellers, ChargerHelp’s educational offerings are already making an impact in several states with dedicated training facilities in Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, and now, Sacramento.

The California Mobility Center is a nonprofit clean energy, power, and zero-emission innovation collaborative. Based in Sacramento, the CMC works with Sacramento State University, the University of California – Davis, SMUD, and the Greater Sacramento Economic Council to provide a space for clean tech manufacturers to showcase their technology and train community partners to maintain and manufacture those technologies.

The first planned ChargerHelp and CMC EV charger maintenance training cohort is scheduled for July. This program will train 15 community members to diagnose and resolve common issues with EV chargers, directly tackling one of the most significant barriers to EV adoption—faulty charging stations


About ChargerHelp: 

ChargerHelp is redefining Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) operations and maintenance (O&M), tackling the key barrier to EV adoption by improving the charging experience. As a leader in the industry, it integrates its proprietary Reliability as a Service (RaaS), EMPWR software platform, and comprehensive learning and development programs to ensure reliable EV charging infrastructure. Based in Los Angeles, CA, and proudly women- and minority-owned, ChargerHelp focuses on O&M solutions to enhance the accessibility and reliability of EV charging.

About the California Mobility Center (CMC): 

The CMC is a nonprofit, public-private entity providing future mobility innovators and industry incumbents access to programs and resources that accelerate the pace of commercialization worldwide and aspires to be the leading innovation center for global mobility success. The CMC was founded by industry thought leaders in clean technology including California State University, Sacramento, EnerTech Capital,  PEM Motion,  Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and the Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC). The CMC is strategically located in Sacramento, CA. Its location puts the CMC in close proximity to California government, which leads the United States and the world in producing policies around clean mobility and technology. For more information, visit



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