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Meeting the Rising Demand for Public EV Charging Stations in America

Join Women in Cleantech and Marin Energy & Transportation Group on Thursday, July 16, 2020, at 5 pm PT for a Virtual Happy Hour event.

About this event

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Electric vehicles (EV) are a key component of America's transportation network, especially if we are to maintain the cleaner air that the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed to many living in urban environments. Millions of people have already made the switch to EVs yet they still require innovative charging solutions for their vehicles. Everyone knows that demand for home EV charging stations and office EV charging stations has skyrocketed, but what about public EV charging stations?

For EVs to truly go mainstream nation-wide, drivers need to feel confident that if they need to, they can charge anywhere, as easily as they would with a gas station. Whether it’s charging while shopping or dining out, scaling the public charging network is critical in facilitating the nation’s switch to a cleaner mode of transportation.

In this Virtual Happy Hour alongside transportation expert Ryan Adelman, founder of the Marin Energy & Transportation Group and our main speaker Richard Albrecht founder and CEO of Saascharge, we will explore how to meet the rising demand for public EV charging stations in the US.

Join us as we cover:

  • Key aspects of the public EV charging solution

  • The current state of the public EV charging market

  • What an EV network needs in order to operate both profitably and at scale

  • How to overcome challenges in meeting the rising demand of public EV charging

  • What to expect from the public EV charging market in the years to come

  • How Starbucks, Walmart, or McDonalds could become the largest charging network, and why?

About the WCS happy hour It is a weekly virtual gathering of the women and men in the cleantech and sustainability space. This social event runs for about an hour and includes a short presentation from the event co-host to give a perspective on the given topic.

Following the presentations, attendees are divided into breakout rooms which are facilitated by both WCS and the co-host. Participants are given the opportunity to network and meet new peers by introducing themselves one by one and providing their digital cards in the chat group. The breakout session also includes a discussion regarding the topic and the WCS facilitator will report back with the salient points to the rest of the virtual happy hour group.

After the short recap, the attendees will move on to two or more breakout sessions. Attendees are encouraged to continue their discussions after the event.

About Marin Energy & Transportation Group It's dedicated to working professionals operating at the nexus of energy and transportation and based in Northern California. We arrange networking events, generally in Marin County, and encourage knowledge sharing & camaraderie.



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