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ChargerHelp! Ensuring Electric Vehicle Charger Station Uptime



It’s rare when a startup can impact one market challenge successfully. And even rarer…two at once. Well, that’s just exactly what Kameale Terry and ChargerHelp! are doing. Kameale’s company is tackling a major pain point in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure – repair and maintenance. At the same time, she’s committed to workforce development and economic mobility. ChargerHelp! is creating an entirely new career role – part technician, part electrician, part IT support. And she wants to prioritize training those from her own community.

Kameale has the energy, passion, and drive you just want to get behind. The company story is compelling and she’s pretty good at pitching it. So much so that she’s earned hundreds of thousands in grants and pitch competition wins. Now that’s a way to fund a startup! The journey that landed Kameale as a startup CEO is unique and fascinating.

Listen in to hear the story.

“…I am a native to Southcentral Los Angeles.” ~ Kameale Terry

In this episode Kameale and Dan discussed:

  • Her persistent desire to make an impact

  • How the need to return home made her career flourish

  • How in 2 years at another startup, she went from customer service rep to leader

  • Why she keeps ending up surrounded by smart black women

  • What attracted her to sustainability and EV

Episode Shout Outs:

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) Grid110 South LA Startup Grind LA EV Connect

“Oh, I want to find the best people for these positions. And it just all just so happened to be black women.” ~ Kameale Terry


“And that has been The most life-giving experience I’ve literally ever had.” ~ Kameale Terry



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