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Data-driven Reliability Insights

EMPWR captures all information relevant to charging station reliability, providing a single source of information on charging station health and relevant insights that enable uptime levels drivers expect.

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Optimized Service Workflows

EMPWR aggregates charging station, network, and vehicle data to quickly identify trends and determine optimized remediation pathways. Bringing all stakeholders together on a single platform improves communication efficiency and reduces time to issue resolution.

Service Quality Assurance

EMPWR tracks technician credentials and detailed information throughout the service process, ensuring every charging station interaction is completed by a qualified service provider and that SLAs are met.


The EMPWR platform provides customers throughout the EV charging ecosystem with visibility, insights, and data on EV charging station reliability, and has built in tools for seamless management of processes required to ensure uptime and resolve issues that come up in the field. 

Managing EVSE operations and
maintenance has never been easier