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EV Solutions for the Utility Industry

Utilities are playing a significant role in the creation of a national network of reliable EV chargers. ChargerHelp! understands the challenges in developing the necessary infrastructure, making us an ideal O&M partner for utilities-based organizations.

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Getting drivers on the road again.


A ChargerHelp utility partner is working to make EV charging easier and more accessible. The utility contracted with ChargerHelp! to provide field maintenance services and improve system uptimes.

When the utility reached out to ChargerHelp! they wanted to get a handle on open and unresolved tickets, many of which had been open for months, and some, for over a year. Critically, they also needed a complete assessment of charger readiness across their properties.


ChargerHelp! conducted a baseline audit of over 500 EV charging stations owned and operated by the utility. The audit revealed 30% of stations suffered from communications issues, rendering them unreliable. Another 30% were offline completely due to a variety of issues.

We were able to tailor a RaaS solution to the utility’s unique needs that included ongoing support, troubleshooting, and upgraded campaigns to ensure a dependable charging experience for all of their EV charging customers.

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Reliability as a Service

Reliability as a Service (RaaS) is a labor subscription service that provides peace of mind to charging station owners and operators who require fast and reliable O&M services at consistent, hassle-free prices.

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Increased utilization

With 97% uptime, your customers will use your charging stations more often, leading to a boost in revenue.

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Boost your brand

Your business is only as good as your reputation. Give your drivers reliability worth talking about.

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Predictable O&M costs

No more guess work - with one monthly fee, you know what you're spending and when.

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Certified EVSE technicians

We only do EVSE operations and maintenance. Every technician we send to every location is an expert.

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To us, reliabililty is a non-negotiable standard.

We partner with stakeholders in the EV charging industry to keep charging stations online and operational. Our purpose-built products and services allow for worry-free and hassle-free operations and maintenance subscriptions.

Our Take on Reliability
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