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Building a sustainable future, together

At ChargerHelp!, we are obsessed with leveraging technology to remove barriers and enabling economic mobility within the communities we operate in and believe that everyone should have access and connection to well-paying careers, that talent should be recruited from non-traditional pipelines, and that bringing your whole self to work is essential to doing your best work.


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Enjoy working in a collaborative, supportive, and mission-driven environment.

Careers & ChargerHelp!
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Equity in, Equity out.

At ChargerHelp! we lead with our values.

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Visibility and Professional Development

Our SMART milestone goals are always visible to the entire company. We build professional development around where our company is going next to ensure career alignment.

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The ChargerHelp! Way

We have a standard process of doing meetings to ensure that everyone has a voice at the table.

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“Our Say” Program

We cultivate an environment of respect and inclusion through the “Our Say” program. This monthly exchange allows a rotation of non-management employees to express concerns and suggestions to our Founders.

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Shared Ownership

We champion equity by providing shares of ChargerHelp! to our vested members.

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