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We take a holistic approach to station uptime and reliability

ChargerHelp! has conducted over 7,000 charging station assessments across the United States for various stakeholders within the EV industry. Those stakeholders include Utilities, Station Owners, and companies who want to leverage this valuable data to improve performance and uptime metrics.

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ChargerAssess delivers key data points and insights


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Functional Performance

We document the hardware, software, and communications condition, failures and performance.

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Driver Experience

We document the Software usability and accuracy as well as the overall state of the site.

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Maintenance Readiness

We document the location and accessibility of the electrical room, panel, and other connected systems as well as documenting current site host contact details.

*Upon completion, customers receive a ChargerAssess Report for each and every asset. 

Step One

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Assess in action: See an example report.

Once we complete an assessment, we provide a detailed report for each and every asset.

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ChargerAssess Capabilities brochure

ChargerAssess is a core service offering in our suite of technology & reliability solutions.

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Interested in ChargerAssess?

Getting started with ChargerAssess makes good business sense. Contact us directly to inquire about our Assess service.

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