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ChargerHelp’s EVSE Technician Online Course

Master the fundamentals of EVSE operations and maintenance

ChargerHelp is pioneering in the EVSE technician training landscape, offering one of the first self-guided online courses focused on the fundamentals of EVSE operations and maintenance.

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Special Launch Pricing For The First 100 Registrations!

What You Will Learn

In this course you'll receive comprehensive training in EVSE maintenance and repair that  equips you with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field and prepares you for Part One of the SAE EVSE Certification Exam.


Designed with ChargerHelp’s industry expertise this course is backed by leading industry partners like Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Toyota, Tesla, ABB, Rivian, Siemens, FLO, and Walmart.

Why take this course?

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Cohort-Based Community

Go through course material with a cohort of other students. You have access to chat boards,  to join live Q&A sessions with expert trainers, and participate in monthly fireside chats with industry leaders to stay updated on current trends.

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Learn at Your Own Pace

Whether you want to pace your progress alongside fellow students or launch ahead, you get 60-day access to complete the certification. Our self-guided approach supports your individual learning style and pace.

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Emerging Career Opportunities

Whether you’re looking to start your career or advance in your current role, our training ensures you’re well-prepared to meet industry standards can position you for the new and emerging career opportunities in energy transition field.

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Extensive Course Content

Our course covers all essential domains needed for the SAE test, providing you with a fundamental understanding of EVSE maintenance and repair. Including focus areas like, Electrical Codes & Safety, Electrical Energy Fundamentals, and more. 

Looking for Hands On Experience?
Reach out about our in person session on Sept 30, 2024

Why ChargerHelp?

Our industry-leading knowledge and proven methodologies offer one of the most comprehensive EVSE Technician training programs available.
1000+ Trained Technicians

To date we have trained over 1,000 technicians and growing. We are  also the training provider in the National CleanTech Accelerator with Goodwill International

Skilled Master

Learn from master trainers certified in Tritium, EvBox, Rivian, NUVVE, and Zerova, with hands-on experience on ABB, Siemens, Tesla, Tritium, Amazon, Tellus, and more

Hands on Experience

Benefit from our 24k+ touch points with charging stations in our in-person classes


Our program collaborates with SAE and is recognized by the National CleanTech Accelerator with Goodwill International.


ChargerHelp’s EVSE Technician Online Course

A cohort-based, self-guided course. It covers the necessary fundamentals, knowledge, and skills for maintaining and repairing electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and prepares participants for Part 1 of the SAE EVSE Certification Test. 

Course Curriculum

  • Electrical Codes & Safety

  • Electrical Energy Fundamentals

  • EVs and Batteries

  • Charging Stations & EVSE

  • Commissioning

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Key Terms & SAE Test Preparation.




Charger Help Trainers taking me from zero knowledge of electricity or EV to foundational confidence in 4 weeks tells me all I need to know.


The trainers were very thorough with the material and the hands-on learning activities. I really appreciated them all sharing their work experiences as an EVSE technician with the group.


Instruction given was very clear and kept me focused. I was able to gain new and useful information and now feel very confident to take things to the next the level and apply what I’ve learned out in the field!


EVSE Technician Online Course

Class Start Dates:

1st and 15th of every month starting in August! Select your date when you register.

Course Access: 

60-day access

Course Cost:

$1000.00  $750.00

Special launch price for the first 100 registrations!

Need multiple seats for your team or organization?

Contact us to learn about our bulk purchasing options.

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