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ChargerHelp! and SAE partnership recognized for integral role in EV charger reliability

Today, the White House announced the next steps toward creating a reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging network with new Made-in-America Policies and new Technical Standards to support the goal of Electrifying America. Included in those new policies are President Biden’s goal of building a network of 500,000 EV chargers along America’s highways by 2030 as well as creating good-paying jobs in the EV industry by requiring strong and consistent workforce standards.

ChargerHelp!’s partnership with SAE International to certify EVSE technicians was recognized in the White House announcement as two key companies working toward reliable, well-maintained EV chargers and training the future workforce.

The partnership with SAE International is an integral part of the ongoing execution of the ChargerHelp! strategy: recognizing that workforce development is crucial to supporting infrastructure and the need for reliable charging stations.

Our joint EVSE Field Technician Program is set to help more than 3,000 trainees from underrepresented communities across the country and those transitioning from other industries toward CleanTech jobs.

The full announcement from the White House is available on their website.

For more details on our partnership with SAE International, you can read our



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