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Transitioning off Shell?

Ensure Uninterrupted EV Charging Service with ChargerHelp.

Trust Chargerhelp's broad experience across 30k EVSE touch points and work with over 20 charging manufacturers to ensure high uptime and operating performance for your equipment.


Our fully charged clients

Leading companies trust ChargerHelp.

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Because a charger should work every time. 

97% Uptime?
No Problem.

Managing EVSE equipment can be complex—streamline yours and your customers’ experience with ChargerHelp's RaaS.
Benefit from comprehensive maintenance, rapid issue resolution, expert technicians, and data-driven insights. Enjoy consistent pricing, scalable solutions, and tailored support, all designed to ensure seamless and dependable EVSE performance.

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Predictable and transparent pricing

Say goodbye to surprise and higher-than-expected O&M costs

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Safeguard your organization’s reputation

Reduce complaints and bolster EV driver confidence and satisfaction

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Improve your true uptime

Achieve NEVI and other reliability targets while minimizing operational disruptions due to down stations.

Our Offerings Feature

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Network Management
  • Customizable admin dashboard to visualize EV charging data

  • Manage sites, admins, and end users across companies & locations

  • Bill by time or kWh with customizable pricing schemes & discounts (any major credit card accepted)

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Remote Monitoring and Support
  • 24/7 driver and site host support

  • Proactive monitoring 

  • Remote diagnostics and remediation

  • Manufacturer escalation and warranty coordination

  • Spare parts management

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In-field Services
  • Expert trained EVSE technicians that provide services across commissioning, repair, and preventive maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance to ensure equipment is performing as designed and lifespan is maximized

  • Service endorsement by leading EVSE manufacturers allowing comprehensive service for in and out of warranty repairs

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Program Optimization
  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) to assess and ensure performance and reliability

  • Monitor uptime and identify areas for improvement

Reach out to sales, to custom fit your solution to your unique business needs

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Why Choose ChargerHelp?

Proven Experience



Comprehensive Solutions

Customer-Centric Approach

As one of the first companies dedicated exclusively to EVSE operations and maintenance (O&M), ChargerHelp brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Our commitment to EVSE reliability has made us a trusted partner in the industry.

With broad experience across 20,000 EVSE touch points and partnerships with over 30 manufacturers, we know what it takes to ensure high uptime and optimal performance for your charging infrastructure.

ChargerHelp ensures your EV charging infrastructure runs smoothly with customizable... End-to-End O&M: through our RaaS program which provides proactive maintenance and rapid repairs to keep your charging stations operational. Network management: in partnership with industry leaders, we offer complete network solutions, including payment processing, utilization data, and Tier 1 support.

Our team of expert technicians and support staff are dedicated to providing seamless, reliable service, ensuring your equipment operates at peak performance without you having to worry

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