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Meet the Co-Founders of ChargerHelp!

About this event

We have the co-founders of ChargerHelp! sharing the journey of creating their Startup! Kameale C. Terry is the CEO and co-founder of ChargerHelp!, Kameale was the previous Director of Gov't Contracts and Programs at a major EV charge station network provider. She also came to the industry with 10 years of previous workforce development knowledge. Evette Ellis is the co-founder of ChargerHelp!, Evette currently works at Job Core where she develops and maintains workforce development programs for the last 7 years. Evette's key role at ChargerHelp! is workforce program management for new market implementation. As ChargerHelp! enters new markets Evette works with the workforce development center to source and prepare potential ChargerHelp! technicians.

FRI, JUL 17, 2020, 4:00 PM (PDT) VIRTUAL EVENT



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